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Energy Efficient Services/Products

Energy Efficiency for the Whole Building

At e2o Energy, we work with commercial businesses to evaluate your building envelope or any part of your building to discover technology updates that will benefit both your facility and bottom line. We offer four key areas for improving your building envelope:


  • Upgrading your building technology

  • Increasing efficiencies

  • Improve your financials

  • Become environmentally responsible

With a full range of energy efficient products for the inside and outside your building, e2o ENERGY also provides professional service from start to finish. Our experienced staff and highly skilled team follow the through, to meet your specific needs and objectives. Upgrading your system technologies can save your facility significant energy and retain budget dollars currently lost to building inefficiencies.

The Key Areas of Service We Provide Cover the Whole Building Envelope, including:


  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Technology

  • HVAC Systems

  • Insulation, Windows and Roofing

A wide range of products are available to you, we audit your facility and, together with you, determine where the need is and where the most practical savings and upgrades need to be made.



  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Senior Care Facilities

  • Data Centers

  • Warehouses/Manufacturers

  • Office Complexes

  • Large Parking Structures/Lots

  • Hotels/Resorts

  • Correctional Institutions

  • Shopping Malls/Centers

  • Hospitals

  • Casinos

  • Airports

  • RV Resort Parks

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Time-Share Properties

  • Apartments

  • Homeowner Associations

  • Retail and Service Centers

  • Food Service Centers


  • Maximum return on your investment

  • Predictable Energy Cost

  • Minimum Life-Cycle Cost

  • Long-term Energy Security

  • Determinable Energy Efficient Opportunities

  • Actionable Rebate, Incentive and Finance Education

  • Client-Centered Service Commitment

  • Customized Resolve to Meet Individualized Needs


  • LED Exit Signs

  • Lighting Controls/Sensors

  • Motor VFDs

  • Motors

  • Heat Pumps Central

  • Air Conditioners

  • Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

  • Photovoltaics (PV Solar)

  • And More…

Committed to customer satisfaction, quality of service and state of the art technology and products, e2o ENERGY is client-focused for your maximum results. With a wide variety of products and services available to you, we first provide a professional audit of your facility, then we meet with you, together we determine your needs and the best practical resolution for energy efficiency and cost savings.

e2o = efficiency2opportunity

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