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Cost Savings

Our expertise in efficient technology upgrades allows e2o Energy to provide affordable, proactive and sustainable strategies for your business. These strategies create energy-efficient and more comfortable work environments for companies that work with us.


The Truth About Energy Efficient Sustainability

Myth: There is nothing I can do to lower my energy costs.

Truth: According to the US Department of Energy, for every dollar you spend on energy conservation you will usually get back more than $5 in savings.

Myth: Energy efficiency is not our highest priority now – we can do it next year.

Truth: Why pay for higher energy usage when you can cut your usage and save money now? This is the perfect time to take advantage of energy efficient opportunities that will save money. How? By taking action now while incentives and rebates are still available.

Myth: Energy costs are a “set” budget expense.

Truth: Energy costs can easily be leveraged to help manage and sustain costs, promote business growth, add property value, increase work environment safety and productivity, and protect the environment.


The first step is to complete a customized on-site energy audit, which evaluates your current energy consumption and costs. We then create an energy-efficient design plan implementing the new technology and energy-managed projected savings with improved performance.

With the results from our discovery process of the business upgrade needs assessment, e2o Energy provides a recommended commercial cost-savings upgrade plan, customized for your individual business. e2o ENERGY manages all aspects of the installation with a focus on schedules which provide the least amount of operation disruption for you.

The e2o Energy team manages all components for a quick and easy installation process — all levels of financing, rebates, incentives, warranties and cash or leasing agreements, making the process trouble-free for you.

Energy usage for individual businesses within operating sectors vary, dependent on seasonal changes, zone demand, size of business, and hours of operation and energy usage. Taken across the entire commercial building sector total energy use consists of roughly:

  • Lighting 36-54%

  • Heating and Cooling 27-51%

  • Miscellaneous Electric Loads (MELs) 16-30%


No matter what sector your business is, reducing these percentages by up to 60% will impact monthly energy costs and put money back into your pocket, improving cash flow.

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