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New Construction Rebate Services

Did you know many utility companies offer incentives – Rebates for building more efficient than the standard?  YES, they do. 

e2o Energy has spent the last 10 years getting to know the “ins and outs” of these programs. Many contractors are not familiar with these rebates and therefore, do not know to advise their customers about them.

The programs from the utility companies are complex, likely with intention. We know the intricacies of these programs with several utility companies.  We know and understand how they write, develop and process these programs.


Understanding these programs and knowing how to procure them with the utmost degree of detail is how we can increase your rebate potential. This can, then, directly be applied to improve the bottom line of your project.



Why not leverage our knowledge and experience to obtain the full potential rebate you may receive – a rebate you may not even be aware of, until you speak with e2o Energy. The time and complexity of the process makes it a no-brainer to work with us to receive the best possible outcome for a full rebate.

We recently secured incentive rebates for clients who were unaware they were eligible for them:


  • 4 new schools in 2017 in Arizona received over $115,000.00 in rebate dollars.

  • 1 new school in 2017 in Phoenix received over $24,000.00 in rebate dollars.

  • 1 Big Box retailer in 2018 in Phoenix received over $16,000.00 in rebate dollars.


The utility companies issue a check to the companies that properly apply and provide the necessary documentation.

What do your plans say?


Do your plans contain the right information to show your eligibility for the incentive rebates?



What is the common denominator in all these real-life examples? They did NOT even know they qualified for the incentive rebates!

Does this work anywhere?  Many utility companies offer these programs in many states. Contact us with your plans and we can tell you if something may be available.

What does e2o do?


  • Qualify the plans and programs.

  • Qualify the customer.

  • Provide all applications coordination and documentation.

  • Detail the equipment and the verify the installation.

  • Provide the cut sheets, certificates, specification sheets and the coordination with vendors.

  • Provide the coordination between the utility company and the owner or owners representative.

  • Perform all follow up and follow through to obtain the rebates for the customer.


There are no out-of-pocket expenses to contract with e2o Energy for our rebate services. We charge a percentage of the monies obtained after you receive the check from the utility company.

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